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We find the children on the street ,we make them gain our trust and bring them to the Kasa Home



Here we intergrate the children into the Kasa community and we set the ground rules



Providing basic skills literacy ,numeracy and providing access to education.



Enabling re-unuions with families.

Access to Kasa established home.

Supporting self-sufficiency.

Providing school fees,scholastic materials,food,clothes,beddings,health supplies ,educational games and toys.

Literacy and numeracy books and art materials.

How the project is Managed

KASA programme has a board responsible for monitoring the progress of KASA programmes, guiding, advising, and giving directions. It approves all the programmes of the unit.
The programme is headed by Director, who is a social worker responsible for monitoring and supervising staff members, volunteers, and supervises all programme activities.
Staff members and volunteers are responsible for running day to day programme activities and give report to the director for scrutiny.
Currently, 48 children are benefiting from this programme and other children have been re-united with their relatives because their parents are not alive.
KASA programme rescue children from the streets and bring them to KASA for counselling and advice on behavioural matters. KASA supports orphans whose parents died because of HIV/AIDS, accidents, and other related diseases. Others are most vulnerable children. They are fed, clothed, sheltered, given medication, and given chance to acquire Education.
We do some out-reaches to visit street kids who are still on the streets, home visitations and community sensitisation. Our children are in boarding schools, others study while staying at KASA. Please kindly support KASA in one of these programmes for the well being of KASA children in Kabale, Uganda.

Welcome To KASA


Kasa Programme is a fully Registered Non Profit and Non Governmental Community based Organisation under Registration Number 2332 at the district level and 80020000472573 at the National level in Uganda,East Africa. We help the street kids to get off the streets of Kabale town. On the streets of Kabale Town in the morning hours, lunch time and evenings and at night you can not fail to see street children especially boys between the ages of 6 and 13 years who roam the streets in groups.
They walk from one rubbish bin to another searching for something to eat because this is their only source of food . They wear dirty and torn clothes as a result of their habitation which is usuall trenches,culverts,bushes,verandahs and unfinished building structures.They are addicted to sniffing glue or petrol , drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana and frequently fight among themselves. They even steal passersby by making some areas of the town dangerous for visitors and residents alike. This state of affairs prompted the Director who is a social worker by profession to intervene.The current caretaker, being a qualified social worker, met and socialized with street kids of all walks of life. Of the over 20 street kids engaged, 4 who were less hostile were offered accommodation at the Director's residence.The rest would have meals at the director's residence and go back to the street.They were brought to her place of abode to receive the basics of a home, or at least to have a homely environment in fairly good measure. As the kids numbers swelled,a good samaritan offered to rent a bigger home for the kids thus KASA was able to have a center in 2010

By Kanyesigye Kedrace




To provide an effective intervention prgramme to the street children of Kabale that will offer them a viable alternative to living on the street.


A town where no child feels he or she has to live on the street.


1. Rev Mugyenzi Solomon(Chairman)

2.Rev Habomugisha Esau

3.Mr Benjamin Mayanja

4.Rev Akandwanirira Damuson

5.Mrs Alenka Kosir

6.Kanyesigye Kadrace(Director)

7.Moureen Nzeirwe(Probation Officer)

8.Nathan Nkurikirimaana(Community Chairman)

Facilities at KASA

Currently, KASA operates in a rented house including all facilities found within an enclosure; we pay per month, including water bills and electricity bills. Bathrooms and water borne toilets are inside our house. Boys stay alone and girls also stay alone in a room and our place is fenced with a perimeter walls.

Description of KASA Place

KASA programme is found in Kabale Municipality, Kabale district, South Western Uganda. From town, it is 2 km on Kisoro road. It is located in the Central Division of the municipality in Rwakaraba cell, opposite BAJ SERVICE STATION behind Ainembabazi Primary School.



KASA programme gives a chance to every street kid and other vulnerable children through provision of school fees, school necessities, and personal
needs at school

KASA kids acquire education through sponsorship scheme.

Sponsor a child at KASA programme now in primary, secondary, vocational college or university and give him or her chance to be a child again and be self sufficient.



KASA staff provides scholastic materials to all KASA children regardless of their sex, religion and culture so long as the kid is identified to be a beneficiary of KASA programme.
Children receive scholastic materials to use at school.


KASA kids and staff do some agricultural activities as an effective intervention programme for street children for purposes of having food security at KASA.
This is done on a rented land which is used for growing sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, green vegetables and beans. We use our local tools like hoes and pangas as the cheapest means of farming system in our culture. Support KASA kids or come to volunteer and experience our cultures.

CYCLE REPAIRS (reassembling)

Our children are trained in repairing bicycles and cars as part of development skills with intention of imparting skills for self sufficiency to earn a living.


It was an excitement when Sand play therapy was introduced in KASA programme for the first time. Our children are interested and committed to learning sand play. They have began to practice sand play on their own.

Shawn is a 5 year old boy. He likes to perfom sand play and toys too and to discover new things; he is so innovative and creative in nature.




















KASA kids and volunteers participate in different types of games and sports with other children from other organisations. They like foot ball matches, netball and other interesting games; they also play with toys too. We do these as a way of gaining their trust, physical health and preparing these children to start schooling.


KASA programme has qualified and committed social workers with skills in guidance and counselling children.
Volunteers train our children in life development skills, life skills like knowing and living with one self, skills of knowing and living with others, and skills of making useful and effective decisions. We do these to help traumatised children who will eventually regain belonging and shed off the street child mindset. Please partner with us and we help this young generation.


We also do reconciliation between the children and their relatives to bring back their relationships in the families after tracing where children originate.
This helps re-uniting the children and their relatives. Children receive packages from the director and one the staff members in presence of their relatives in their home.













































































































This Programme helps identify schools for these children basing on the childrens behaviour,age and aptitude. and we do this through

→Literacy and numeracy

→Soliciting for school fees,scholastic materials and sponsorship

→After the primary education ,the children proceed to secondary schools ,vocational institutions according to their ability and availabilty of resources.

→If they are sufficiently rehabiliiated they can be re-united with their relatives and community.




This programme is aimed at building skills which will be useful to the children of KASA even after they left KASA .They will enhance their socio-economic status.Such skills include.

→Bead making

→Basket weaving

→Bracelet and Amulates making






Circumstances that force children to go to the streets

→ Total orphas that have no parents due to HIV/AIDS

→Orphans with a single parent who get harrased by their step parents

→Abandoned children as a result of unwanted pregnancies

→Some street children acquire pregnancies and get unwanted children on the streets and end up living on the strees

→Domestic violence that forces children to flee their homes.This violence is in form of alcohol abuse,drug abuse,promiscuity,polygamous homes among others.

→Sexual abuse from relatives

→ Poverty where children have little or no food to eat home

→Child Labour where underaged children are subjected to work certain jobs that they cant manage or handle


This programme is aimed at giving such children hope for a future and below is what we offer to these children.


→Locate their relatives and link up with the probation of Kabale District

→We give them counselling and psysco-socio support.

→Providing accomodation for these children

→We provide clothings for them

→They receive food

→We offer education

→We give them medical attention,treatment and health education

→We also engage them in sport activities
















































Children Profiles


He was rescued from the street at the age of 9 years.He was very hostile until KASA supported him by counseling which helped him to be tamed and taken to school.But even in school he was very stubborn and could sometimes escape from school to the street.Continued sounselling has yielded good results and now Derrick is one of the good boys we have at Kasa.He is currently in Senior Three.






He is one of the pioneer four kids that KASA programme housed.at the beginning,continued counselling and support improved his behaviour and was taken to school and joined primary three.After completeing primary seven,he joined secondary school and he has done very well in school and now in senior six at Kigezi High School Secondary.

Boaz among the KASA kids who aquired skills that KASA imparted in him.KASA is proud of Boaz as a seasoned footballer.He is now re-united with his relatives with whom we are in constant touch.



Constance aka Janet

She was rescued from the street where she had disguised herself as Janet at the age of 8 years.Her father was a drunkard and a Marijuana smoker and he constantly abused mother and children who frequently spent sleepless nights out in the open because of violence at home.

Janet and her sibling opted for the street for the shelter and food.Constance is now in school and performing well in Primary seven.She is completely rehabilitated.











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